Dad with Cleft Palate Adopts Baby Like Him

Brian Pierce felt a moment association with a specific child in China when he saw her selection photograph.

“We opened her profile and saw that lovely face glancing back at us. We needed to scoop her up right at that point and hold her, yet she was on the opposite side of the world,” says Brian.

Indeed, even simply taking a gander at a photograph, there was never an uncertainty that this young lady was the ideal match. She was conceived with a congenital fissure and sense of taste, much the same as Brian.

He pledged to improve her life, similar to his folks improved the situation him. So once the infant, whom they named Hattie, turned into a little more seasoned he got her to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta—a similar clinic where he had his surgeries when he was a kid.

“I recognized what was in store for Hattie. I realized that I could help,” he wrote in a blog entry for the healing facility. “I couldn’t shield her from going through any of it, however I could be there for her.”

“I could state, ‘Daddy experienced that, as well. Furthermore, here I am, grinning at you, evidence that everything turns out alright at last,'” he included.

Before sufficiently long it was the ideal opportunity for Hattie’s surgery and Brian wound up back at Children’s—this time, with his “sweet, valuable Hattie”.

“She was being wheeled into the working room rather than me. I was thinking about the couch around evening time rather than my father.”

In any case, one thing was extraordinary, says Brian. “She is harder than I at any point was.”

After two surgeries, and perhaps more coming soon, Hattie, now age 4, is a “certain, glad young lady.”