12-Year-old Uses First-Aid From ‘Hunger Games’ Book

A 12-year-old young lady is being hailed as a legend after she utilized a medical aid system that she gained from perusing The Hunger Games arrangement to help treat her companion’s leg damage.

Megan Gething, Mackenzie George, and a few of their different companions were playing in a Gloucester, Massachusetts swamp on Saturday morning when Mackenzie snuck past the mud and cut her leg open on a bit of steel.

The injury, which was around 10 inches long and 3 inches wide, began draining abundantly, sending the adolescents into a condition of frenzy – aside from Megan.

Recollecting a scene in the Suzanne Collins novel, Megan immediately asked for some her companion’s shorts so she could tie a tourniquet on Mackenzie’s leg. As she connected weight on the tourniquet, she tranquilly let one know of alternate adolescents to run and get help.

“I knew it from a book I read,” she told the Gloucester Times, referencing the youthful grown-up book arrangement. “I figured it was an outstanding strategy for ceasing dying.”

Mackenzie’s relatives arrived a couple of minutes after the fact and conveyed the harmed youth back to their home where she was taken to the nearby doctor’s facility. She at that point experienced surgery to ensure that there was no microorganisms in the injury. Since the damage caused no nerve or muscle harm, Mackenzie is relied upon to make a full recuperation before the month’s over.

Paramedics say that the circumstance could have been much more terrible if Mackenzie had kept on losing blood – and it’s all on account of Megan’s snappy reasoning under strain.

“Megan was the superstar. Thank heavens she was there. Mackenzie would have lost significantly more blood, and it could have been perilous on the off chance that she hadn’t done what she did,” the adolescent’s dad told the Gloucester Times.